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Chlorella Freshwater Phytoplankton Culture Kit

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This is a complete kit to culture Chlorella vulgaris phytoplankton at home. Included in this kit are the following items:

-200 mL Live Chlorella Starter Culture

-50 mL Guillard's f/2 Concentrated Phytoplankton Fertilizer (25-200 Liters of Phytoplankton*)

-12 inch Rigid Air Line

-24 inches of Flexible Aquarium Air Tubing

-15ml Vial of Trace Freshwater Minerals and Metals (Makes 5 gallons of media)

-3 mL Dosing Syringe

-30mL Measuring Cup

-Culture Manual and Instruction Guide

            *Recommended f/2 concentration is 1 mL of fertilizer per gallon of water. At this strength, 50+ gallons can be mixed; however doubling (f/1) or tripling the formula will yield less volume.

You will need to provide one clean 2-liter soda bottle, 2 gallons of distilled or filtered water, an aquarium air pump and a cheap fluorescent light source.

 About the Chlorella culture in this kit:

This is pure high-density phytoplankton cultured with sterile enriched fresh water. It can be added directly to your display tank, sump or refugium without adding any unwanted heavy metals, chlorine or nutrients found in tap water or other unpure water sources. We use Guillard's f/2 formula as a food source for the phytoplankton during culturing. This formula has been proven to be completely reef-safe, unlike sub-par cultures utilizing cheap houseplant fertilizers containing metals and chemicals that can be toxic to a reef environment. This is a unialgal sample of Chlorella, meaning that it has been carefully harvested to only contain this single species of algae. This bottle is also perfect as a starter culture allowing you to harvest your own phytoplankton. Directions will be included with every kit on how to start a thriving culture at home.