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Complete Tisbe Copepod Culture Kit- Pro Aquaculture, 3 Marine Species

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***Due to the risk of the copepods being stuck in transit on a Sunday, we do not ship live pods on Thursdays or Fridays.  If we receive an order on these days, your order will be placed in the mail first thing Monday morning. This is done to protect the quality of the pods and deliver top quality live products to our valued customers. Thank you for understanding!***  

This kit contains a dense, active population of Tisbe biminiensis. This combo can be used to raise and feed hundreds of thousands of copepods! Creating a continuous supply of copepods is easy to do with this professional aquaculture kit.  Simply add copepods to prepared seawater (1.020-1.026 SG salinity) using items included in the kit. The kit will include a comprehensive manual on culturing phytoplankton to feed the copepods. Once the copepods are in their new home (a tank or bucket) use an aquarium air pump to very gently agitate the water with bubbles (2-5 bubbles per second) and keep the temperature around 75 degrees. No special light is necessary or recommended; simple room lighting is perfect. Replace the water every month or so with fresh clean seawater. Check YouTube for harvesting techniques and tips. It really is that easy!

***  Over one gallon of densely populated copepod habitat water is filtered to remove copepods. The copepods are then added to 500mL of sterile salt water. Finally, a very small amount of live and highly active Nannochloropsis phytoplankton is added to the culture as a food source for the pods during shipping. The final result is a small pouch loaded with live copepods. The culture can be added directly to your tank because the dirty water which the copepods used to grow has been replaced with fresh water and live food. The copepods should be used within a week while they are most active.
***Please note that each culture will have a slightly different shade and appearance. This is normal as I harvest each batch to order and add live phytoplankton as a food source. There may be some sediment in the bottle along with the copepods due to the filtering process. This sediment is harmless and both the water and phytoplankton are fresh and free of excess nutrients. I inspect every single culture very carefully before shipment to ensure your order is teaming with live copepods. I hope you enjoy my product and can tell how much pride I take in raising these tiny wonders!