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Live Spirulina: Maximum Density, Active Starter Cultures & Large Cultures

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Live spirulina culture (Arthrosprira platensis)

Guaranteed live, pure and active.

Available in 50, 200, 500, 1000 & 2000 mL sizes.

Spirulina is technically one of a variety of species of cyanobacteria that shares many qualities of microalgal plants.  It is photosynthetic and is loaded with essential nutrients and elements utilized by all animal species.  Lately, much research has been undertaken regarding this tiny powerhouse organism.  This is a perfect culture to start your own large or small-scale constant supply of Spirulina for whatever use interests you most.  This sample is also ideal as an educational tool to examine microscopically as it is much larger than many species of phytoplankton. The possibilities are endless whether you plan to study, culture or harvest  this pure strain of Spirulina. If you plan to start a regenerating culture from this small seed culture, be sure to research the the growth requirements of Spirulina. While fairly simple to culture, Spirulina requires an alkali growth medium and a specific blend of nutrients (fertilizer) to reproduce successfully.